LUXURY Redesign and Renovation : Design Conceptualisation, Styling Process, Procurement and Project Delivery

In the expansive realm of interior design, certain projects emerge as epics, transcending mere aesthetics to become timeless exemplars of art. Nestled opposite the Sydney Opera House, the renovation of this iconic apartment epitomises such rarity. Through an amalgamation of fine craftsmanship, precision, and collaboration with distinguished artisans, this endeavour has given birth to a symphony of luxury resonating with the Opera House's grandeur.

Design Process and Delivery Oversight: Symphony of Collaboration

From concept to completion, the design journey was a finely orchestrated symphony. Constant communication, collaboration with master craftsmen, site visits, and meticulous planning ensured that every aspect of the vision was brought to life flawlessly.

Conception and Vision

Homage to Brilliance: Embarking on a visionary quest, a celebrated architect and an acclaimed interior designer aligned their creative forces. Their shared ambition was to forge a sanctuary that echoes contemporary elegance while reverently reflecting the splendour of the neighbouring Sydney Opera House.

Calacatta Marble Floors

A Dance of Light and Shadow : Central to this metamorphosis is the hand-selected Calacatta marble. Its lustrous grace, expertly veined, served as a canvas upon which brass inlays were embedded by Italian stonemasons. This Art Deco-inspired floor art not only accentuated the apartment's charm but also mirrored the historic allure of the Opera House.

Mirrors and Space

Ingenious Expansion of Space : Here, mirrors become more than mere reflective surfaces. Strategically placed, they captured the essence of the space and the surroundings, adding depth and a transformative spatial feeling. They rendered the rooms boundless, reflecting the Opera House's architectural marvels, extending the apartment into a realm of endless elegance.

Brass Doorware and Custom Timber Kitchen

A Celebration of Details : Each minute detail was a step towards perfection, such as the brass doorware, selected to harmonise with the warm marble. The kitchen, reimagined by artisanal hands, became an elegant statement with full Calacatta marble benchtops and matching brass inlays. Together with a backlit marble splashback, it served as an exquisite marriage of tradition and innovation.

Bespoke Furnishings and Lighting

A Luminous Tale : An apartment's soul often lies in its unique touches, and this project's bespoke furnishings and lighting tell a luminous tale. From handcrafted natural crystal lighting to meticulously selected furniture, each piece blends art and elegance, creating an ambiance of tranquillity.

3D Custom Wall-Coverings: Waves Meets Architecture

Creativity bloomed in the introduction of 3D custom wall-coverings. Inspired by the Sydney Opera House's signature curves and the neighbouring harbour waves, these innovative embellishments provide a visual escape, seamlessly fusing art and architecture.

Art consultation, planning and purchase

Our detailed requirements discovery and design process can then be used for contemporary fine art and design matching. I source and collaborate directly with target Artists and galleries to find a perfect piece by piece collection giving deep finishing touches to your styled interior spaces. The result is a love of the spaces and feelings that you have from living in a richly-styled and emotionally connecting environment that speaks to clients' individuality.